About Us

Food Writers New Zealand was established in 1988 to promote high professional standards among food journalists and others involved in the presenting, promoting or illustrating the specialist areas of food and beverage, and to assist in the development of networks between professionals in the food industry. Liaising with the hospitality industry – food manufacturing, producer organisations, government regulatory bodies and consumer groups – allows food writers to build knowledge and communicate more accurately and effectively.

Food Writers NZ runs a variety of events through the year, from educational seminars to forums and special social events. Masterclasses offer members the chance to improve their skill in subjects such as writing and sensory evaluation. All members are encouraged to contribute to the bi-monthly newsletter Digest, edited by Nicola Legat.

We hold a Conference including our AGM every year, but it is every second year that we hold our main Conference which includes guest speakers, panels and workshops to inform, educate and entertain.

The programme also includes visits to local hotspots. This Conference is held in a different centre each time and is in conjunction with our Culinary Fork Awards. These awards are generously sponsored by our corporate members and encourage writers and food stylists to become the best they can be.