Culinary Quills 2015

Journalism Quill

WINNER – Denise Irvine: Waste Not

  • Lucy Corry, Review: The Bresolin review, in Cuisine, issue 169, March 2015
  • Denise Irvine, Travel: Italy on a Plate, in the Waikato Times, 26 July, 2014
  • Denise Irvine, Column: Thanks for the rich legacy (9 May, 2015)/The right ingredients (May 31, 2014)
    /Simply the best (8 February, 2014) all in the Waikato Times
  • Denise Irvine, Other: Waste Not, in the Waikato Times, 7 March 2015

Visual Quill

WINNER – Fiona Smith: Burger Inspiration

  • Ginny Grant, Sweeten the Meal, in Cuisine, issue 159, July 2013
  • Ginny Grant, Green Spirited, in Cuisine, issue 160, September 2013
  • Ginny Grant, Holy Fagioli, in Cuisine, issue 164, May 2014
  • Julie Biuso, Chelsea Buns, at, 1 April 2015
  • Jo Wilcox, Farrah Wraps, for Farrah’s
  • Fiona Smith, Burger inspiration, for Food Service NZ, October 2014

Tui Flower Recipe Writing Quill

WINNER – Ginny Grant, Feta Workshop

  • Lauraine Jacobs, A Cracking Ingredient, in NZ Listener, 12 October, 2013
  • Lauraine Jacobs, Me Hearties, in NZ Listener, 10 July 2015
  • Ginny Grant, Mucho Gusto, in Cuisine, issue 166, September 2014
  • Ginny Grant, Holy Fagioli, in Cuisine, issue 164, May 2014
  • Ginny Grant, Feta Workshop, in Cuisine, issue 169, March 2015

Broadcast Quill

WINNER – Annabel Langbein

  • Annabel Langbein, The Free Range Cook – Through the Seasons, on TV1

Publication Quill

WINNER – Healthy Food Guide

  • Nourish Magazine, editor Vicki Ravlich-Horan
  • Cuisine, published by Fairfax Media, editor Sarah Nicholson
  • Healthy Food Guide, published by Healthy Life Media, editor Niki Bezzant
  • Homegrown kitchen, at, editor Nicola Galloway

Book Quill

WINNER – Allyson Gofton: Recipes from my French Kitchen
SPECIAL MENTION – Julie Biuso, at Home

  • Alan Brown, The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven, David Bateman Publishing
  • Chelsea Winter, Everyday Delicious, Random House NZ
  • Julie Biuso, Julie Biuso at Home, New Holland
  • Anne Else, The Colour of Food, Awa Press
  • Allyson Gofton, Recipes from my French Kitchen, Penguin Books

Chief judge’s comments on Book, Publication and Recipe Writing Quill winners follow:

Book – winner Allyson Gofton for Recipes from my French Kitchen
Recipes from My French Kitchen is a charming amalgam of writing about food in life and a life in food. The book candidly details the ups and downs of her family’s year in a remote area of France, and her enthusiastic research into the local cuisine, her profiles of local producers, her appealing recipes and her excellent photos take the reader with her and enable a rich understanding of provincial French life.”

Publication – winner Healthy Food Guide
Healthy Food Guide completely understands its target market and delivers to it, issue after issue, with independence, total focus, and indeed zeal.

Tui Flower Recipe Writing – winner Ginny Grant for Feta Workshop in Cuisine, March 2015
Feta Workshop offered five appealing and substantial dishes in which feta was the star, and a brief but useful guide to this style of cheese. It was sophisticated but accessible food, and the recipes achieved their purpose. Ginny is a very experienced recipe writer and her confidence with flavour balance shone through in the ingredients.

Journalism Quill – Denise Irvine for her item ‘Waste Not’ in the Waikato Times March 7 edition.
Making the award chief judge Nicola Legat said, “We commend Denise for her lively piece in the Waikato Times on an enterprising food rescue service in her home province. Denise had the clever idea of following a surplus bag of mesclun as it passed from a local grower to the Hamilton Night Shelter and Women’s Refuge safe houses, detailing all the passionate and dedicated people involved in Kaivolution on the way. It was an excellent piece of reporting and a nicely-told and inspirational tale.”

Visual Quill – Fiona Smith, ‘Burger Inspiration’
Fiona Smith won the Visual Quill with an entry providing ‘Burger Inspiration’ for a New Zealand Food Service industry publication. Of the winning entry Nicola said, “Fiona made the humble cheeseburger look mouthwateringly, downright delicious. Her varied range of burgers were succulent, looked piping hot and fresh, were nicely informal and utterly tempting. At the short-order-cook end of the market she totally nailed the brief for her client and is a deserving winner.”

Broadcast Quill – Annabel Langbein, Free Range Cook TV series
Annabel Langbein’s Free Range Cook TV series ‘Through the Seasons’ took out the Broadcast Quill. Nicola commented, “A slick, sophisticated and extremely successful integration of cooking and aspirational lifestyle made Annabel Langbein’s TV series Annabel Langbein Through the Seasons the obvious winner. A seamlessly linked package of television, book, social media, website, tour and product range, the ambition and determination that drives the Annabel Langbein brand is palpable and unparalleled in this country.”

Chief judge – Nicola Legat has been writing about restaurants and food since the late 1970s. For many years she reviewed restaurants for Metro magazine and inaugurated its annual best restaurant awards and best cafe guides. She has also judged the Cuisine best restaurant awards and the Monteiths Wild Food awards. That long experience stood her in good stead when she became the publishing director of Random House New Zealand, where she published many cookbooks herself, including books by Simon Wright, Michael van de Elzen, Martin Bosley and Lauraine Jacobs, while supervising Random House’s cookbook list. She recently became the publisher at the new Massey University Press.