Culinary Quills 2011


Culinary Quill – Book (Sponsored by Chelsea Sugar)

Alister Brown, Go Fish, Random House

Culinary Quill – Electronic & Digital (Sponsored by Samsung)

Annabel Langbein, The Free Range Cook, TVNZ

Culinary Quill – Visual (sponsored by Regal Marlborough Salmon)

Fiona Smith, fresh approach, Cuisine Spring cover, September 2010

Culinary Quill – Tui Flower Recipe Writing

Janet Dunn, Mincing Words, NZ House & Garden, December 2010

Culinary Quill – Journalism (Sponsored by NZ Venison)

Denise Irvine, On the eaten track, Waikato Times, January 1, 2011

Chief Judge’s Award

Rose Carr, Healthy habits that could be harming you, Healthy Food Guide Magazine, November 2010

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