Culinary Quills 2013


Culinary Quill – Book (sponsored by Chelsea Sugar)

WINNER: Annabel Langbein – Simple Pleasures

Judge’s comments
This is a new collection from a very popular New Zealand food writer. The author has a strong following and very accessible recipes that fit well with the author’s established base. Simple Pleasures is a very practical, clear collection related to the author’s television series. There is good cross referencing, clear indexing and an emphasis on fresh produce. The QR codes are an additional benefit along with the website reference for some recipes to watch videos of the recipe preparation. The menu suggestions are also a very useful addition.

Chief Judge’s Special Award

Lesley Christensen Yule and Lindsay Neill – The New Zealand Chef

Judge’s comments
The New Zealand Chef achieves its aim of providing a comprehensive reference book that is highly accessible and precise. It provides very good background information as well as an introduction to professional cooking techniques with an emphasis on New Zealand produce and style. This is not only an excellent textbook for students and practicing chefs but also a resource for all involved in the food production and development including home cooks.

Culinary Quill – Online (sponsored by Poultry Industry Association of NZ)

WINNER: Annabel Langbein –

Judge’s comments
There is no question that this website sets the benchmark in terms of design, content and navigation. It is practical and easy to use with elegant, beautifully photographed recipes, and useful menu ideas. The tone is confident, trustworthy, and reassuring, and knows its audience.

Culinary Quill – Broadcast (sponsored by

WINNER: Annabel Langbein TV Series – The Free Range Cook Simple Pleasures, Series 2

Judge’s comments
The series gives easy to follow instructions, with good descriptions on how things should feel, smell, or look so you know you have reached the right consistency etc. It also gives other uses for items that had been cooked or good ideas of what to do with leftovers. The recipes are not too complicated and would appeal to the average home cook wanting to try something new. A variety of visual effects and the presentation were of good quality.

Culinary Quill – Visual (sponsored by Regal Marlborough Salmon)

WINNER: Fiona Smith – 10 Big Bites at Summer

Judge’s comments
This visual was joyful, amusing and imaginative with huge impact and was beautifully balanced both scoop and colour wise. In terms of food styling, this is a well thought out image. This shot required a great deal of skill due to the ephemeral nature of ice cream.

Culinary Quill – The Tui Flower Recipe Writing Award (sponsored by NZ Guild of Food Writers)

WINNER: Kathy Paterson – Go Fish, Real

Judge’s comments
This article is well written with very easy to follow instructions. The dishes were chosen from a variety of different cuisines. They are well presented with very interesting detail, different cooking techniques and some vegetarian options as well. There are also good tips, alternatives to use, accompaniments and giving New Zealand fish options for the recipes. Go Fish has excellent relevance, giving lots of options for wowing family and friends without too much fuss.

Culinary Quill – Journalism (sponsored by Deer Industry NZ)

WINNER: Denise Irvine – Zest for Life, Waikato Times

Judge’s comments
This article is first rate and a lively piece of reporting of the World Chef Showcase in Sydney and about Carluccio himself with an impressive bonus in the one-on-one interview. The side bars about restaurant critics and the art of the restaurateur from Gold and Durack were of additional interest.

2013 Culinary Quill Awards Finalists

Congratulations to our finalists.

Book Quill – sponsored by Chelsea Sugar

Glenda and Claire Gourley – July Recipes and Tips, It’s My Turn to Cook Tonight ebook
Glenda and Claire Gourley – April Recipes and Tips, It’s My Turn to Cook Tonight ebook
Annabel Langbein – Simple Pleasures
Allyson Gofton – Good Food Made Simple
Allyson Gofton – Country Calendar Cookbook
Penny Oliver – Single Serve
Lesley Christensen Yule – The NZ Chef
Lauraine Jacobs – Everlasting Feast
Alessandra Zecchini – Party Food for Girls

Broadcast Quill – sponsored by

Annabel Langbein – TV Series Annabel Langbein – The Free Range Cook

Online Quill – sponsored by Poultry Industry Association of NZ

Pip Duncan for
Vicki Ravlich-Horan for Langbein for
Helen Jackson for
Lucy Corry for
Nicola Galloway for
Nikki Bezzant, : Niki’s blog (3 submitted blog posts)
Kate Underwood, Potato Blog (3 submitted blog posts)

Visual Quill – sponsored by Regal Marlborough Salmon

Jo Wilcox – NZ House & Garden Italian Gatherings, in Fairfax – NZ House & Garden
Jo Wilcox – NZ House & Garden Easter Gatherings, in Fairfax – NZ House & Garden
Jo Wilcox – Farrah Bread Wraps, for Farrah
Jo Wilcox – Silver Fern Farms advertorial, for Silver Fern Farms
Kathy Paterson – NZ Rugby Kitchen, for the NZ Rugby Foundation
Kathy Paterson – Real Technique – Sunny side up, in REAL
Julie Biuso – Main Squeeze, in Taste magazine
Pip Duncan and Carolyn Lister, NZ Fresh Grown Vegetables, for
Ginny Grant – Gold Digging, in Cuisine magazine
Fiona Smith – 10 Big Bites at Summer, for Draft FCB
Fiona Smith – Deck the Hall, in Cuisine magazine

Tui Flower Recipe Quill – sponsored by NZ Guild of Food Writers

Tracey Sunderland – Summer Oven, in Healthy Food Guide
Pip Duncan – Raw, for
Pip Duncan – Make half your plate veges, for
Lucy Corry – How to cook Christmas dinner for less than $100,
Charmian Smith – Taking the pulse, in the Otago Daily Times
Kathy Paterson – Real World – Go fish, in REAL
Kathy Paterson – Real Comfort – Pulling Power, in REAL
Kathy Paterson – Real World Jewels of the Garden, in REAL
Fiona Smith – Burger Kings, in Cuisine magazine
Fiona Smith – The sweetest thing, in Cuisine magazine
Penny Oliver – Real Focus Gone to seed, in REAL
Julie Biuso – I love pies, in Your Home and Garden magazine

Journalism Quill – sponsored by Deer Industry NZ

Denise Irvine – Zest for life, in the Waikato Times
Denise Irvine – My cup of tea, in the Waikato Times
Julie Biuso – You’ve cracked it, in Taste magazine
Vicki Ravlich-Horan – Plenty more Fish in the sea? in Nourish Magazine
Vicki Ravlich-Horan, What a waste, in Nourish Magazine
Charmian Smith – Two types of Indian Food, in the Otago Daily Times
Charmian Smith – Taking a walk on the wild side, in the Otago Daily Times
Niki Bezzant – Healthy Living, Sunday Star Times column