ConversatioNZ campaign

Please support ConversatioNZ in its bid to raise $30,000 towards making New Zealand food famous. A number of our high-profile members have thrown their weight behind the campaign.

ConversatioNZ raised a number of important issues for New Zealand food at its inaugural conference last year in Christchurch: the organisation wants to “inspire and empower New Zealand people by creating a strong sense of pride and respect for our natural resources. We want to put New Zealand’s food on the world map.”

ConversatioNZ is now seeking pledges from food-minded people to help employ someone on a part-time basis to keep the movement going. “Without this money there is no-one who has the time away from their own business to keep things moving forward. This person will keep and connect everyone together on this platform, help establish a strategic plan, they will organise events and communicate our message to the world.”

For more information, see the PledgeMe page.