Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition Meats National Sausage Day

Head Judge Kerry Tyack

Entries are now open for the annual Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition, this year in collaboration with the first National Sausage Day to be held on October 22nd.

The Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition gives New Zealander’s access to more variety, better choice and greater quality sausages, just in time for National Sausage Day – the celebration of a kiwi summer icon.

Head judge Kerry Tyack says he is delighted to be returning to the role and relishes the opportunity to discover what new taste combinations are on offer in 2015.“I never tire of this amazing competition. Every year there are improvements, changes and innovations. There can be no doubt, Kiwis have conquered the art of creating great sausages and I am excited to renew my acquaintance with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about food and their craft in particular.

“The timing of the event is perfect. It kick starts the summer season by celebrating a Kiwi barbecue icon.
“Our summers are all about eating great food, and sausages are a big part of that,” says Tyack.

In previous years the competition has attracted more than 450 entries covering 11 categories. These include traditional beef, traditional pork, poultry, saveloys, cocktails, polony’s, pre-cooked, flavoured, traditional flavoured, rounds, continental fresh, continental ready-to-eat and gourmet.
Sausages are assessed on visual appeal, aroma, flavour, texture, shrinkage and composition by a team of more than 30 judges all with either a butchery or culinary background.

Paddy Kennedy, from Allenton Meat Centre in Ashburton, was the 2014 Supreme Award winner with a beef and blue cheese sausage and explains how winning the competition has helped market their product to customers.
“Winning the Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition was the best form of advertising for our business which money just can’t buy,” said Paddy.
“Coming up 12 months after the win we are still making 10 times more sausages than we were prior to the competition,” he said.
The competition is supported by Devro, Kerry Ingredients and Alto Packaging.

The Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition, in its 22nd year, has been running in various forms since 1994 and is now well established as an annual highlight for butchers and small goods manufacturers.There are 11 categories in the competition ranging from traditional flavoured to gourmet. Once entered, all of the entries are picked up by mystery shoppers and sent to Auckland/Christchurch for regional events judging.

The sausages are then anonymously judged within their categories. The judges are a combination of butchers, industry experts, food writers and chefs. The head judge of the final is Kerry Tyack, a food writer with years of experience in food beverage and competition judging.
Each sausage is judged by at least two judges and an average score is taken from these. Medals are then awarded for the marks received. From here, the sausages which received the top mark in each category are re-judged against each other to find the Supreme Award winner.

2015 Competition Timeline:
Entries close: 21 August
North Island Mystery Shopping: 28- 30 September
North Island Judging: Friday 2 October
South Island Mystery Shopping: 5-7 October
South Island Judging: Friday 9 October
Grand Final: October 21
National Sausage Day: October 22

National Sausage Day, happening for the first time on October 22, is a day to celebrate the kiwi summer icon. With the announcement of the nation’s best sausages the day prior, National Sausage Day is the time for New Zealand to bring in the summer with the country’s best sausages.