an iconic dining strip

Alexia Santamaria has been helping the Dominion Road Business Association to bring attention to the delights of the iconic dining strip.

domrdThere are more than 100 restaurants on Dominion Road: it’s one of the largest concentrations of international food in the city and has become has a physical representation of the ever-increasing multicultural nature of Auckland.

Many of the restaurants, though, aren’t showy: people can walk past unassuming restaurants without realizing what dining treasures lie inside. To counter that, the Dominion Road Business Association has launched the Dominion Road Dining Guide, which involves New Zealand celebrities visiting some of the best of these places and writing a brief guide on the best dishes to check out. And sometimes customers can be overwhelmed by sheer choice, so the celebrities have spoken to the owners and tried out their personal recommendations of popular and interesting dishes.

“We want to share it with everyone,” says Gary Holmes, manager of the association, “as well as encourage regulars to get adventurous and try places they’ve never been to. We’re really excited about what Dominion Road is adding to Auckland’s culinary offering.”The association hopes that by encouraging people to experience different cuisines it will help foster further inter-cultural understanding. “Food is a great entry point into a culture,” says Holmes, “and we love the thought of New Zealanders expanding their cultural, as well as culinary, horizons.”

For more information see the association’s Facebook page.