Food Hawke’s Bay

For the past three years Food Hawke’s Bay has run the very successful Locavore Lunch as part of Summer F.A.W.C! and the 2015 event on Sunday 15 November is eagerly anticipated despite the recent – and sad – closure of Food Hawke’s Bay. This year’s event will take place in the grounds of The Old Church winery, under the same format.

Guests will be treated to a lunch made only of locally grown and sourced products, cooked and served by their own personal chef, using just a barbecue. The chefs will be local stars – from highly respected establishments all getting stuck in to provide a delicious Hawke’s Bay-grown lunch.

The event will be hosted by well-known food writer, chef, travel gourmand and overall bon vivant – the inimitable Peta Mathias, who will be leading chefs and guests astray with witty tales and mayhem.

Each table will receive a mystery bag of ingredients – freshly picked, local and seasonal – from which guests and their chef will decide what they will make and eat. Guests can help by peeling and chopping or sit back with a glass of the region’s finest and watch the action. There will be basic pantry items and some extra bags of ingredients that each table will barter for, plus some twists and turns to make it exciting – and to test the chefs!