Inaugural Meadows “Food Fight” challenges Kiwis to add a #handfulofgoodness to their daily diet.

Meadow Mushrooms hosted nutritionists, chefs, foodies and media as chef Michael Van de Elzen, food bloggers Julia & Libby, and nutritionist Nikki Hart kicked off a challenge to all Kiwis to add ‘a handful of goodness’ to their daily diets.


Findings from a report carried out by food scientist Carolyn Lister of Plant and Food New Zealand show that just a handful (100gms or 3 – 5 mushrooms) of Meadows provides:

• An excellent source of B Group vitamins (in particular B2, B3, B5 and B7) to support heart function, energy, and optimise the condition of skin and hair;
• 36% of RDI of selenium to boost immunity, and mood; and
• Potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure.

Nutritionist Nikki Hart reported recent statistics that a third of all adults do not eat the three or more servings of vegetables per day recommended for heart health. She also noted that key results from the 2013/2104 New Zealand Nutrition survey show that fruit and vegetable consumption in New Zealand has dropped overall.

“Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 30% of all deaths in New Zealand, so we need to take a look at what we are eating,” Ms Hart said.

“The low fat, low saturated fat and low sodium content of mushrooms makes them a very heart-friendly vegetable to add to meals,” she said.

Meadows’ Director, Miranda Burdon, says that while consumer research shows Kiwis love mushrooms (with 79% of all Kiwi households saying they buy them), the superior nutritional benefits of mushrooms aren’t well understood relative to some other produce.

“When compared with some of the other so-called ‘super-foods’, including quinoa and kale, we see that mushrooms actually pack a bigger punch. Just a handful gives you a whole lot of nutrition,” she said.

“Meadows ‘Food Fight’ is a challenge to all Kiwis to find more ways to get Meadows into their diets by sharing their favourite recipes and ideas via social media. Ideas and inspiration from Mike, Nikki, Julia & Libby can be found on-line on our website” www.meadowmushrooms.co.nz