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The Guild welcomes applications from new members. If you spend your time communicating about food, we’d love to have you in our community. For example you may be a food journalist, blogger, recipe writer, photographer, work in a food or beverage business or in media or communications. If you world if food, you should be part of our world, too.

We have three levels of individual membership plus corporate membership – you can read the details of membership criteria and cost here.

If you are unsure which type of membership would be right for you, just get in touch and we can guide you (contact us here)

Corporate members – we welcome your association with the Guild. Please fill out the relevant details below or contact us by email.

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For Associate, Student, Professional Membership - please select up to 5 areas of work activity that you are involved in.
AuthorFood/RestaurantCriticFood EditorJournalistChef PublisherPR/PublicistNutritionistProof Reader/EditorFood StylistConsultantFood Scientist/TechnologistRetailerHome EconomistMarketerSensory EvaluatorTV PresenterRecipe Development/TestingCatererCulinary ResearcherRadio BroadcasterRestauranteurTour EscortCooking Teacher/DemonstratorEducator/LecturerPhotographerManufacturerProduct EvaluatorFood & TravelFood & HealthFood & WineConsumer Liaison/AdviserRetiredBlogger or VloggerSocial Media PractitionerWellness

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