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Food Writers Awarded

The best of the best in food writing, publishing and presenting have been recognised at an event in Wellington.

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Artisan Producer

It’s a long way from the sun-baked paddocks of the Wairarapa to the grimy streets of New York,

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One Great Meal

Cuisine editor Sarah Nicholson heads to Waipara to indulge in that great pairing, truffles and pinot noir

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Eat Auckland

Peter Calder recently ate his way around Sandringham on tour with Eat Auckland with co-founder Lisa Loveday and tour guide Mary Taylor. Who knew you could age rice? It’s a silly question, really. The answer is probably about 3.5 billion people or half the world’s population. But until a couple of weeks ago, I was in the other half.

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What I’m Cooking

I have a secret passion that I indulge in when Remo my husband is away (which is right now). It probably sounds pretty ordinary but I find it anything but: spaghetti. He never eats it, had too much of it growing up, so bizarrely, while he goes to Italy, I eat spaghetti.

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Digest Aug Food

one great meal

Auckland has a sizeable Filipino population but until recently has lacked a corresponding food scene. There were a few places, but nothing that would really entice people unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine, one richly shaped by history and a melting pot of south-east Asian, Chinese, American and Spanish influences.

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devouring the literary food world

I collect food books. Cookbooks dominate the bestselling lists but the literary world thinks of food writers as mainly providing dinner solutions. But look beyond cookbooks to discover a wealth of biographies of some of the stars of the culinary world, and well-written books that focus on food history and gastronomic topics. There’s a feast on the shelves to extend […]

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Whatimcookingwith July

what I’m cooking

Winter has us in its grip. Here’s what some of the Guild’s members are cooking with in their winter kitchens.

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